Adidas has created a waterproof hiking sneaker that is eco-friendly and looks awesome

Parley’s recycled ocean plastics have become a mainstay of Adidas footwear and apparel, but its outdoor division Terrex is turning to another path to give its high-end sneaker-boot hybrid a more lasting makeover.

Released now, the Free Hiker Gore-Tex was constructed from “high-end materials” recycled from the Adidas supply chain for a limited version known as “Nothing Left Behind.” In keeping with the disparate materials used for the waterproof hiking shoe, a lively color palette uses pastel blues, yellows, pinks and orange for an arrangement that stands out from typical Adidas outdoor treatments.

The Free Hiker High is a versatile athletic shoe that combines a Gore-Tex membrane with boot cushioning, a Continental outsole and an abrasion-resistant rubber toe cap for added comfort and durability. While still trail-friendly, “Nothing Left Behind” makeup is even more suited to being worn around town – and it deserves to be your go-to shoe for those toughest winter days.

Fits like a glove – Adidas Terrex remains an underrated source of gorp as fashion has increasingly embraced outdoor gear, and the Free Hiker is far from your typical boot. Neither stiff nor heavy, the upper uses Primeknit fabric for a glove-like fit around your ankles while providing full waterproofness. A Boost midsole also offers lighter, more responsive cushioning than you would usually find in a boot, making it almost indistinguishable from a pair of sneakers.

The more durable “Nothing Left Behind” variant of the Free Hiker Gore-Tex is now available on the Adidas website for $ 225 a pair. Not only is it suitable for both city and trail use, but it will also keep you going year round whenever you need to keep the water at bay.

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