After losing the election, Trump spends the day golfing and tweeting

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In the end, nothing could save him. Not the lawsuits, not the lies about voter fraud, not his iron grip on the Republican Party.

And yet, there was still one last refuge for President Trump on Saturday. He got into his motorcade to be taken to his private club in Virginia. Just before he arrived, he tweeted “I WON THIS ELECTION, A LOT!”

Trump was on the golf course when he officially became a loser, a one-term commander-in-chief, the first in nearly three decades.

After completing a lap on the links, he walked out of the club to take a photo with a bride who was getting married there. Wearing a white “Make America great again” hat, he gave a thumbs up and a big smile. Someone shouted, “Thank you, Mr. President!” We love you.”

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