an activity that brings people together

A recent episode of Family Feud on American television asked contestants to guess the answers to a fairly obvious question. “What is an activity that brings people together? »

One of the competing families finally guessed the first three answers.

Sports/Fishing seems obvious. Like drinking, or Cold Brewskis in Yankee TV lingo. But going to church and strip clubs and talking about women proved a non-starter.

While Dominoes seemed like a dud, it nevertheless came in at number three as Poker/Games.

Manger never scored either and neither team could guess the final answer.

Drum roll please…

Oh good? They certainly didn’t try hard enough.

When Family Feud host Steve Harvey called for the reveal, the fourth response was “Gay Lovemaking.”

As James Woo replied on Twitter, “A night of fishing, beer, poker and then gay sex sounds perfect.”

sit on it

We really think, though, judging by a more recent episode of Family Feud, “gay love” was a pretty vanilla answer.

Watch below as host Steve Harvey asks, “Name something you would like your girlfriend to do to your face. ”

Excuse our ignorance, but us old prudes had to Google the meaning of “motorboat” as a sexual description.

Turns out the young woman’s response was to push your face between two ample breasts and rock your head from side to side very quickly while making a vigorous lip-twitching “brrr” sound. .

You learn something new every day.

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