Column: Winnebago County is full of outdoor activities to enjoy before winter | Community


As summer draws to a close and the days get cooler, many people want to get out and enjoy the changing seasons. Here in Winnebago County we have a plethora of outdoor activities that people can enjoy and the Winnebago County Conservation Council wants to help people do that.

We are fortunate here to have the Winnebago River. The river offers wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. It is also a great place for canoeing or kayaking. Indeed, the river has been designated an official “Water Trail”, which means that it has well-maintained access as well as signage throughout the course. For more information on the Winnebago River Water Trail, a downloadable map / brochure can be found at the bottom of the “Parks and Wildlife Areas” page of the WCCB website.

Thorpe Park, five miles west of Forest City, is another place where people can take advantage of the changing seasons. The park has a picnic area, a campground and hiking trails. It is also home to Lake Catherine, a small fishing lake, as well as the Chalet du Lac Catherine, a rental chalet open year-round.

Many people enjoy taking a scenic walk through the park, watching birds and other animals. The WCCB also operates another campground at Dahle Park, northwest of Lake Mills. Dahle Park is located along the Winnebago River. It is the northernmost access point along the Winnebago River Aquatic Trail.

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