Construction continues at Yongbyon uranium enrichment plant


Recent commercial satellite images indicate continued construction activity at North Korea’s Uranium Enrichment Plant (UEP) at the Yongbyon Nuclear Science Research Center. Images from October 1 indicate that previously Construction reported in an area just north of the factory’s Cascade Hall # 2 has recently been covered, hiding details of the building’s layout and construction. Prior to this concealment, the floor space measured approximately 42 meters by 15 meters (including the walls), with six circles approximately three meters in diameter each observed at the eastern end of the building. The purpose of the building is still unknown and may be more difficult to determine via imagery in the future.

There are several possible functions for such an extension. One option, assuming North Korea produces low enriched uranium in two enrichment halls, is that the extension can also be used to enrich low enriched uranium with military grade uranium (highly enriched uranium). as it becomes available in these two cascading halls. .

Figure 1. New coating on the construction area visible to the UEP.

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