Doctors Report Increase In Injuries Involving Outdoor Activities In The Ozarks


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Emergency crews ask you to assess your health before participating in strenuous outdoor activities.

Park rangers on the Buffalo National River responded to three medical emergencies, two canoeists and a hiker. Emergency crews say all three were over 40. A canoeist died of an apparent heart attack after doing a flip. It took 40 minutes for the park rangers to arrive at the scene. Another hiker broke his hip. Emergency teams reached the three patients by boat to an ambulance or helicopter.

Activities like hiking, canoeing, and kayaking have become even more popular in the Ozarks.

“Just because people were staying inside, and I think people are kinda fed up and take this trip outside to have fun and also come back outside and try to be healthy, to do exercise and play, ”said Michael McEvoy, Mercy Assistant Physician. “So I really think it’s an increase over last year.”

Emergency crews say remote areas without strong cell phone signals make rescues more difficult. There are also some precautions you can take when engaging in outdoor activities. The National Institutes of Health offer you:

– Carry an identity document

-Let others know your plans

-Wear light-colored clothing

– Carry a flashlight

-Wear suitable shoes

-Beware of the risk of tripping

-Stay hydrated

-Wear a life jacket on the water

– Watch for underwater obstacles

McEvoy says they are also seeing injuries from ATV and bicycle crashes. For these activities, he says it’s important to always wear a helmet.

Read these tips:

Tips on Missouri State Parks:,from%20the%20American%20Red%20Cross.&text=Never%20swim % 2C% 20wade% 20ou% 20accès, children% 20unsupervised% 20 near% 20the% 20water.

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