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Irish golfing legend Paul McGinley is to receive the Freedom of the Donegal, the county’s highest honour.

Donegal County Councilors voted unanimously to bestow the honor on Mr McGinley for his efforts to promote Donegal as a premier golf destination.

Although he hails from Dublin, McGinley’s roots are firmly planted in Donegal. His mother is Julia Sheridan, from Rathmullan and his father is Mick McGinley, from Dunfanaghy.

McGinley’s promotion of the Irish Open in Ballyliffin and his hosting of the Legends Tour at the Rosapenna Hotel and Golf Resort won great admiration in the county.

As a result, Cllr Ciaran Brogan has put forward his candidacy to receive county freedom.

Cllr Brogan told the council today that Donegal is blessed with many great ambassadors, and Paul McGinley is one of them.

“He has shown a huge passion for the county on numerous occasions,” said Cllr Brogan.

Paul McGinley is the first Irishman to lead the Ryder Cup team. Most recently, the McGinley Foundation hosted this year’s Irish legends at the Rosapenna Hotel & Golf Resort in August. The event was watched by millions, Cllr Brogan said, and he suggested it would be important for Donegal County Council to show their appreciation.

Cllr Paul Canning seconded the motion, adding that the honor would mean a lot, given McGinley’s status in the golf world.

Arrangements are now being made to hand over the honor of freedom to Mr McGinley at a later date.

Other County Donegal freedom recipients include Phil Coulter, Shay Given, Patsy McGonagle, Daniel O’Donnell, Packie Bonner and the 28th Infantry Battalion.

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