Earn Your Crown With These 4 Outdoor Activities At SoCal


As summer eventually turns into fall, we have the chance to hit the beach again and explore the hiking trails in Southern California. Earn your crown by participating in these beloved activities and celebrate by opening a cold Corona Hard Seltzer. At 90 calories each, the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make is deciding which Corona Seltzer flavor to sip! Corona Hard Seltzer flavor

Corona Hard Seltzer flavor

Calories burned: 300-400
Drink this: Pineapple Corona Hard Seltzer

Put on these sneakers and hit the trails! Spend a blustery day hiking the beautiful trails that Orange County has to offer. Boasting magnificent ocean views and lush greenery, there’s no better place for a breath of fresh air and an hour or two to disconnect. Pack a backpack with a few snacks and a Pineapple Corona Hard Seltzer for a post-hike treat after reaching the top of the trail.

Exp 9/2

2 | Namaste all day Corona Hard Seltzer flavor

Calories burned: 200-600
Drink this: Corona Hard Seltzer Raspberry

If you’ve never tried a bit of yoga on the beach, we highly recommend it! While yoga is already a calming and meditative experience, yoga with an oceanic backdrop is even better. Go at your own pace, and afterwards, open a cold Raspberry Corona Hard Seltzer to maintain the relaxing vibrations.

Calories burned: 200-400
Drink this: Passionfruit Corona Hard Seltzer

The essentials of surfing: towel, board and well-stocked cooler of Corona Hard Seltzer for after your evening surf session. Let’s face it, you dreamed of some free time to spend in the water; now is the time to make the most of it! The tropical atmosphere you crave is encapsulated in the Passionfruit Corona Hard Seltzer flavor. Apply this SPF and sip!

4 | Date Night x Beach Bikes

Calories burned: 100-200
Drink this: Corona Hard Seltzer Strawberry

Whether it’s your turn to schedule a date or bump into a friend during the work week, we’ve got you covered. All you need are a few simple items: bikes, a blanket, and snacks! Ride a beach bike on the promenade and watch the sunset over the sand with a strawberry Corona Hard Seltzer in the hand.

* All “calories burned” are estimated and based on a workout of at least one hour.

Photograph provided by: @rileystarrphoto and Lauren Lewellen

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