Eat, Drink, Hike and More in Summit County: Local Tips for Your Next Summer Adventure | Way of life

We know how to describe Summit County filled with winter ski resorts. But in summer?

“It’s like heaven to me in the summer,” a Breckenridge resident tells us. “It is magic.”

So how do you score a perfect visit? We asked three locals for advice.

KELLY HEPBURN realtor, Breckenridge

• Where to start: I drive towards Mom’s Bakery Co. in downtown Breckenridge, grabbing a burrito and coffee to go. I just got a stand up paddle board, so I’m bringing that back to Lake Dillon near Frisco Bay Marina. Since we’re crazy here, after my paddle and my picnic, I’m going to go for a mountain bike ride. Visitors love the Frisco Peninsula, but my favorite trail is Nightmare on Baldy (in Brek).

• For happy hour: I queue at Aurum to get a seat at the bar. They have a French Onion Burger which is phenomenal, and it’s half price during happy hour.

• Shopping in Breck: Beloved: She’s a local girl who just has a nice shop; people are looking for gifts or the main trends of the season. And then I also love Marigolds Farmhouse Funk and Junk.

• What else: I love it goldFing at Copper Mountain.

HEAR PAUL — owner of Digital 970, Silverthorne

• For breakfast: Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco. I usually make egg bread. It’s basically French toast with fruit on top.

• Where to go hiking: there is everything Dilemma like fourteen Eccles Pass area, or something sweet, which is the way to water lily lake. It’s beautiful when the lilies are in bloom.

• For happy hour: Get off at Tiki Bar, one of my favorite places. Is the Marina Dillon. I would definitely go with the rum runner. And possibly rent a kayak or pontoon boat and get out on the water.

• For craft beer: in Frisco, Outer Range Brewery. It’s a really fun environment, and often they have live music. James angry in Silverthorne they have a patio with a fire.

• For dinner: I love it Arapahoe Cafe. Depending on the day they have a BBQ which is just awesome.

• What else: if there is a concert in Dillon Amphitheater, this is the place to go. And renting bikes and riding around the reservoir – that’s really what makes Summit so special.

DOVE ERICA artist, Dillon

• For breakfast: Haywood Cafe in Keystone is our favorite. Vegetarian Benedictine is so good.

• Where to hike: Mont Royal in Frisco is easy if you want something quick and chewy. Another just off Copper Road is Wheeler Lakes.

• Shopping in Breck: my friend has just opened a shop called DonLo. She has some awesome stuff; it’s more of high craftsmanship jewelry. Everything is handmade. Portfolio Gallery: It’s more affordable and the concept is really cool.

• Mark your calendar: I like the Keystone Parties. One is the art festival, and there are artisans from all over the country. Another is the Keystone Bluegrass and Beer Festival.

• What else: I would definitely recommend the bike path at Silverthorne. They do first friday art walks, where a group of artists and artisans set up tents with their belongings along the trail. They will have live music at the performing arts center, and sometimes you can get free food and beer.

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