Golf courses continue to see record numbers as the golf craze continues


The Breckenridge Golf Club sign is pictured on April 29, 2020. The golf course continues to record record numbers in response to the pandemic.
Liz Copan / Daily Summit News Archive

With the ski season now upon us in Summit County and the depths of winter on the horizon, most local golf courses have closed for the season.

During the 2020 golf season, the country saw a 20% increase in demand for golf courses, largely due to people wanting to escape the strongholds of COVID-19 closures. The same interest in golf was reflected in Summit County during the 2020 season.

This summer, when the closures appear to be over for good and the vaccine allows people to come together again, things haven’t slowed down for outdoor recreation in Summit County.

According to Scott Reid, the recreation director for the Town of Breckenridge, the Breckenridge Golf Club has enjoyed an even greater golfing craze than last year.

“Our numbers have increased dramatically in terms of the number of laps,” said Reid. “We have had a record number of rounds bought and completed for the season at the Breckenridge Golf Course.”

Other Summit County courses have seen a similar trend, including the River and Ranch courses at Keystone Resort.

“Golf courses across the country continued to see momentum starting in 2020, (and) this was also true for our two courses at Keystone,” Keystone Resort PGA Golf Director Philip Tobias wrote in a E-mail. “We were delighted to offer full service offerings to both courses. “

Breckenridge Golf Club Manager Patrick Clary said on September 10 that “COVID has given us the greatest opportunity in the world to socially distance ourselves from everyone and get out. “

Reid and Clary noted that the pandemic golf craze has continued for an even bigger year into 2021. Reid contributes to some of the best golfing conditions the Breckenridge Golf Club has ever seen.

“Our golf maintenance team did a fantastic job getting the greens in good condition early in the season and continued to keep them in good condition despite the high round count,” said Reid.

“Last year we were somewhat affected by the impact of the ice on our greens, so we struggled to charge lower fares for a while,” said Reid. “In 2021, strong demand continued, but conditions were much better. “

The only issue the Breckenridge Golf Club faced during the 2021 season was tee time availability due to increased demand.

Clary provides the new record numbers for people who still want to be outdoors and socialize while engaging in an activity.

“We don’t expect demand for golf to decline anytime soon, and we are actively taking bookings for the 2022 season,” said Tobias.

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