Golf in the Sun is a national parks-themed mini-golf course in Montana

In West Glacier Village, Montana, you’ll find a mini-golf course full of fun and educational value. Golfing to the Sun Mini Golf mixes the nostalgic good times of summer with anecdotes about the history of Glacier National Park.

It’s hard to go wrong with mini golf, and at Golfing to the Sun, you and your loved ones can learn about the natural beauty that surrounds you while engaging in some friendly competition (we hope). Accompanied by an ice cream cone, it makes for a sweet afternoon.

Golfing to the Sun, like many businesses in West Glacier Village, operates seasonally. It usually opens in May and ends in September, although snowy weather can affect this period. To be sure they are open when you want to visit, call (844) 868-7474 in advance to confirm and check the Golfing to the Sun website for details.

Address: Golfing to the Sun Mini Golf, 200 Going-to-the-Sun Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA

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