Golf superstar Colin Montgomerie partners with high-growth Scunthorpe CBD specialist

A Scunthorpe company specializing in a line of cannabidiol products has won the endorsement of golfing superstar Colin Montgomerie when it launched its new Signature line.

CBD Guru is led by Neil Mumby, who has grown from a back room and laptop to a growing industry presence in less than four years.

A 6,000 square foot manufacturing plant, with dedicated clean rooms, has just been added to the existing 10,000 square foot site on Colin Road, having taken over former premises from FedEx.

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Now he is also making major strides in the nutraceuticals market, with a turnover of £4million in sight – a far cry from the £800 he started with.

“We have just launched the range, having completed the combination with Colin,” Mr Mumby said. “We went to his house, did a photo shoot with the products – he’s been using them for over a year – he loves them and five or six members of his family use them.

Neil Mumby, Managing Director of CBD Guru.

Production in the expanded facility at CBD Guru's Scunthorpe base.
Production in the expanded facility at CBD Guru’s Scunthorpe base.

“We do a lot of white-label work for others, but that’s our path to retail, and the golf course is one place where we see that very well.”

He said working in the carefully regulated market becomes easier as the science is understood, with oils and gummies produced for around 200 companies.

All products are intended for people aged 18 and over, with dosages ranging from 2.5% to 40%.

The CBD Guru team includes an in-house pharmacist and works with carefully selected hemp growers from top-tier farms in the United States, ensuring full traceability.

“I started in my bedroom, I built myself and I just finished an extension, another 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility – we’re not going from strength to strength,” he said.

A team of 15 people has been assembled and recruitment is underway. “We are branching out into nutraceuticals, health and wellness, and it’s a big expansion for us, and we’ve seen a new clean room and additional facilities. We have a capsule machine and have hired experienced people.

A niche has been found as big companies go for huge volumes, leaving room for strong customer service, Mr Mumby said, after selling a previous e-cigarette business and starting over.

And we hope that having one of the most decorated athletes on the planet by your side will help the company move forward.

Of the range, 31-time European Tour winner Montogmerie told the team, “Since using CBD Guru’s Signature Series, I have noticed a real improvement in my golf game, as well as a positive impact on my pain. I feel more energized, focused and calm, which definitely gives me a competitive edge.

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