Goodyear workers donate £ 3,900 to Wolverhampton Activity Center

Former Goodyear Employees Donate to the Wildside Activity Center

The Transport and General Workers’ Union donated £ 3,900 to the Wildside Activity Center to ensure children with special needs and their families can take trips aboard the newly refurbished, wheelchair-accessible small boat.

The TGWU has carried out numerous fundraising projects for three special schools in Wolverhampton and the Black Country, as well as for the charity Let Us Play. The donation is enough to secure three trips a year for the next five years, to each of the special schools the charity supports, and President and Trustee Cyril Barrett says more are on the way.

Cyril said: “All of these organizations care for over 630 children with special needs in Wolverhampton and the Black Country, and we are proud to be associated with them.

“It’s about giving children the opportunity to experience something that they would probably never have the chance to experience in their life. It will help them, their families and their caregivers.”

The great classic, ‘The Trebalisa’, was built in 1993 and has recently been restored to its former glory after charitable donations made it possible. An average trip, one that the children will take in the years to come, will take them from the quayside in the center of Wildside to Wightwick and back. Children will be able to see how the locks work on the canal, can steer the boat or operate the locks, as well as get a glimpse of local wildlife such as kingfishers, herons and water voles.

To date, the TGWU has participated in some 120 projects for charities in the region.

The TGWU, adds Cyril, is committed to creating a legacy for all former Goodyear employees.

“What we’re doing here is creating a proud living legacy for all ex-Goodyear workers. We’re all decent people, and it’s about doing the decent thing and helping the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable. most difficult in life. “

As for the next project, TGWU plans to work with the Feed a Family charity in the run-up to Christmas, as administrators believe it is another worthy cause.

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