Hawaii’s Marcus Mariota Combines Passion For Philanthropy And Golf In Return Of Motiv8 Foundation Golf Event



Marcus Mariota

Ahead of his seventh season in the National Football League and his second with the Las Vegas Raiders, Hawaii’s Marcus Mariota is enjoying summer under the Hawaiian sun this week by hosting the Motiv8 Foundation’s annual charity golf tournament at the O ‘ahu Country Club.

The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in Oregon has continuously made his island charity work a staple of the offseason. His foundation has been heavily involved in programs that support homelessness, education, athletics and healthcare, so it’s no surprise that his golf event, which raised thousands of dollars over the years for charitable efforts, is one of the events that Mariota looks forward to. to most.

“We are here today thanks to the generosity and support of so many people and we are grateful that after a year off we can do it,” Mariota told KHON2 athletic director Rob DeMello.

Mariota says the personal appeal of the event is pretty straightforward, given that a day outdoors nestled between the lush Waolani Mountains and Nu’uanu Valley involves two of her favorite things, helping her home country. and the game of golf.

“It’s a fun event. Meet a lot of great people, great times, and that’s what it is. At the same time, the amount of support, the generosity that people have towards our foundation, I hope they realize that they are having an impact in this community and that is a token of our appreciation and I am just glad to be able to do this. “

According to Marcus, he started playing golf during his freshman year at the University of Oregon and has gradually devoted himself to the game over the years, admitting that over the past two years he’s been is approaching an obsession.

“Other than Sandy Beach, other than getting into the water, it’s kind of my little sanctuary. I also like the competitive aspect of it, but at the same time for four hours I can sort of separate myself from the world, the hustle and bustle of football and kinda relax and golf has me provided an escape and I make him enjoy it a lot, ”said Mariota.

Certainly beyond enjoying a day of golf and fundraising, Monday begins an important time of year for Mariota as he aims to spend so much time with family, friends and the culture of the country. island before another season in the NFL. Marcus appeared in a game last season with a 226-yard pass and one touchdown and ran for 88 yards and another score against the Chargers, as most of the year has been used to get back into shape as as longtime Raiders QB replacement Derek Carr.

“It gives me the opportunity to engulf myself among people who not only sacrificed themselves, but who brought me to where I am today and I think motivation helps me not only to move from forward, but also to prepare myself for this training before I start the season, so I’m just excited to be here. I’m delighted to be surrounded by people I love and as we go forward there There are a lot of people who give many donations to this foundation and I am very grateful to them.

Mariota and the Las Vegas Raiders will open training camp next month with the preseason schedule starting Aug. 14 against the Seattle Seahawks. The regular season opener is scheduled for Monday, September 13 against Baltimore in Las Vegas.

As part of the Motiv8 Foundation event, the winners of the annual Ardel Deppe Community Coaching Awards were announced along with Tim Seaman and Sean and Bernie Camarillo from Kaiser’s Waipio Youth Football Club. Winners each year receive an Ardel Deppe Riddell commemorative helmet, a Koa Wood plaque and $ 5,000 in Riddell football equipment.

For more information on the Motiv8 Foundation, click here.

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