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The caffeine and the pancakes were doing their job and we finally found our rhythm. The dirt road winds through a young forest where lean deciduous trees mingle with carpets of green moss and shaggy jack pines. We finally arrived at Straits State Park and continued north towards St. Ignace. Once in Saint-Ignace, we walked along the promenade that runs along the shore of Lake Huron. The walk passes by the Wawatam Lighthouse where we sat on a bench and took in the views. We considered continuing on the promenade to do the historic walking tour. It was a good day and we were intrigued by the audio guides we could use on our phones at each of the 29 stops. But we were ready for lunch.

Craving a burger, we grabbed a table at Gangplank. My wife challenged me to try the famous “Walk the Plank” burger consisting of two patties, fried pickles, bacon, pulled pork and fried onion rings. The idea of ​​going back to the car with it in my stomach convinced me otherwise. My wife ordered a salad and I opted for a burger that was not the size of a cantaloupe.

After lunch, we tightened our boots, loosened our belts, and slowly made our way to the car on the North Country Trail. The afternoon sun pierced the fall canopy, casting jagged shadows on the trail that danced with the north breeze as the miles passed. Once back in the car, we planned a nightcap around town at a local waterhole before pitching our tent at a nearby campsite.

Whether you need a weekend to entertain the kids or a place to get away with your partner, St. Ignace is for everyone. The laid back attitude and welcoming presence of the locals encourages visitors to relax. Get a soak, have a beer, go for a hike or take a nap and remember times like these are only a short drive away. We will never forget.

Read on for more Saint-Ignace trail suggestions, as well as restaurants for a bite to eat after the hike.

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