Holidays in one – discover the best Turkish golf holidays with full appeal

Belek: a natural paradise

With 15 courses created by renowned designers, Belek is a golf paradise

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With a prime location on the sunny south coast, Belek is a winning choice with or without your clubs in tow.

A key destination for golf tourism, hosting events such as the G20 Leaders Summit and the Antalya Open, it is home to 15 different golf courses created by world-renowned designers, many of which are located in the gardens picturesque luxury hotels with incredible facilities ranging from private beaches to on-site spas and water parks.

Also known as “heaven on earth”, due to its wonderful climate (with an average temperature of 24°C and sunny days almost all year round), Belek is the perfect choice for a golf holiday.

Yet it is also a place with multiple attractions, from beautiful sandy shores to picturesque landscapes, fascinating historical sites to enjoy.

Belek’s coastline features breathtaking beaches, beautiful coves and pine-covered hills that beg to be explored. For a peaceful trip with friends or family, be sure to visit Kurşunlu Waterfall, a lush natural paradise in a 2 km canyon just half an hour’s drive from the city center.

Or for a more adventurous excursion, enjoy everything from hiking trails to rafting in the breathtaking surroundings of Köprülü Canyon National Park.

Beyond the beautiful natural wonders, the ancient historic sites of this region are another must-see, from the port of Patara to the theater of Aspendos, to the city of Perge – all beautifully preserved and offering a portal to a bygone existence.

Izmir: for golfers and gourmets

Taste local wine and delicacies between tours in Izmir

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Despite the seemingly calm appearance of the game, golf can be hard work. In the province of Izmir, you can reward yourself after a tough game with some of the best promising wines in the country, available from the various independent wineries along the Urla Bag Yolu – or Urla Wine Route.

There are seven wineries officially on the route, many of which can be eaten at, all serving excellent wines in friendly surroundings. If fine dining is a priority, explore the best restaurants in Alaçatı.

Here you can taste local specialties such as küşneme (a delicious lamb dish), muska börek (a pastry filled with cheese, meat or spinach) and kumru, a special sandwich topped with sesame with sucuk sausage, tomatoes and tulum cheese.

İstanbul – a swinging city break

Combine golf with a super cool city break in Istanbul

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You can associate Istanbul with a lot of things – exciting culture, amazing food, bustling markets and trendy shopping – but golf might not be one of them. In fact, the town offers a number of great options, with some great country club courses and a smaller 6-hole course as well as regular golf events.

Of course, once you’re done playing, there are all the aforementioned world famous attractions to keep you, your family and friends entertained. Istanbul will immerse you in thousands of years of history and culture while providing you with a dynamic and contemporary urban experience, all within walking distance of a top golf course.

Bodrum: A Luxury Adventure

Combine golf and glamor in high-octane Bodrum

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With its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and fascinating maritime history, Bodrum has established itself as a must-visit for anyone considering a trip to TÜRKİYE. It is also home to a selection of luxury clubs offering great golfing opportunities. These mostly coastal courses offer players a view of the Gulf of Gökova, which can be explored up close via a boat trip.

Away from the courses are fishing villages like Gümüşlük, where some of Bodrum’s best seafood is served. As night falls, stroll along the coast and hit up some of the town’s famous beach bars (be careful if you have an early morning departure).

With so many beautiful sights, both natural and historic, as well as pristine greens and breathtaking views to enjoy while navigating the course, it is crucial to preserve Türkiye’s wonderful environment for the future.

With this in mind, last year the Turkish government pledged to work with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to accelerate and expand sustainable practices in everything from accommodation and transport to food. and drinks around TÜRKİYE, in order to ensure the protection of these places of interest. for years and generations to come.

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