How to hike with llamas in Colorado


Need a hiking buddy this summer? No problem-llama!

Paragon Guides, an outfitter in Vail, Colorado, lets you borrow llamas for a hike, and the scenic ride through one of Colorado’s best mountain towns also includes a stop for lunch.

Sign me up. Alpaca my bags!

The guide company offers different routes for their Take A Llama To Lunch adventure in Vail, about two hours west of Denver. While the skiing is great, this mountain town is also worth a visit in the summer, with fun adventures like whitewater rafting, golfing, ziplining and alpine roller coasters plus a llamas hiking experience. .

Photo courtesy of Vail / Jack Affleck

The Arrowhead Llama Lunch is based on the Arrowhead Ski Area and is an easy to moderate half day hike. The Backcountry Llama Lunch is a full-day nature hike for the most serious hiker. If hiking isn’t your thing, there is also a wine and cheese option in the Arrowhead ski area.

According to Paragon, llamas pair very well with children due to their gentle nature. These hikes are therefore unique family or group outings. In addition, llamas are excellent trail companions and pack animals and can carry up to 80 pounds.

But don’t confuse them with horses and start any llama drama: you can’t ride them! The company gives this fair warning: “They don’t like to be upstairs, no matter how much grain we feed them. “

But you know what you can to do? Take out your camera and say “but first, the llama takes a selfie”.

Photo courtesy of Vail / Jack Affleck

Do you love llamas and can’t get enough of cute, woolly creatures?

For the intrepid types who want to conquer one of Colorado’s famous 14ers (a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet), Four Seasons Resorts and Residences Vail offers an exclusive experience: “Hike a 14er with a Llama “. The hotel has partnered with Paragon for the two-day adventure available from mid-June to September. The llamas will join you on the “14er” to transport your food and your belongings.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail

Those of the east coast, we have not forgotten sheep!

High Hampton Resort in Cashiers, NC, which is an upscale resort in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, offers llamas with which you can hike to the base of Rock Mountain.

Want to relax with a round of golf instead of breaking a sweat? A llama will join you on the greens and will act as a caddy. “They are pros at transporting your clubs, but we cannot guarantee their advice on playing the greens,” the resort explained.

(Like if you needed another reason to visit High Hampton Resort, they also have miniature donkeys named Fred and Ed, which you can feed!)

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to book your next llamas-focused vacation!

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