IRS says to claim any illegal activity, property or stolen goods

Are you ready for the new year? Hopefully 2022 will be better than the past two years. We can only hope.

And with the New Year, it’s time to think about filing your 2021 tax returns. Luckily for my wife and I, we’re getting a bit of a step back from state and federal governments. Not a lot, but enough to pay for a camping season so it works fine.

We always go to a tax preparer to prepare our returns since I have a side job and I don’t understand half of what needs to be completed on these tax returns. I took a look at the IRS tax instruction manual, and it’s as thick as a book. Who reads all this?

Well, there is a lot about taxes that I was not aware of, and I recently discovered one on various news sites including USA today, CNN, and NBC News, consists of claiming stolen goods or goods, bribes, bribes and illegal activities.

Yes, according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, you must report any property or stolen property on your taxes provided you have not returned said items or property, and you must report any illegal activity such as receiving money. money to sell illegal drugs.

As silly as it sounds, everything is explained in the Internal Revenue Service Publication 17. I took a look at this section and it is quite an important read to say the least. Now my question is: who in their right mind would claim the theft of goods, property or claim to have received money from illegal activities?

Well, according to CNN Affairs, in fact, anyone who has been arrested for any of these illegal activities, or fears being arrested in this fiscal year, might want to claim the activity, otherwise they could also be a victim of tax evasion.

Going through USA today, NBC News, CNN, United States Revenue Service

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