Israel says it is closely monitoring Hamas activities in southern Lebanon

Tel Aviv is closely monitoring the activities of the Hamas movement in southern Lebanon, Israeli security sources have revealed.

They added that Israel was bracing for various developments, including Hamas operatives joining any new confrontation that might erupt in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Makan Arabic radio reported that Hamas stepped up its activities in Lebanon after its relations with Turkey began to cool.

Hamas hopes its arm in Lebanon would act as a deterrent to Israel if a new battle between it and Israel breaks out in Gaza.

Israeli security forces were alerted to Hamas activity in Lebanon following a rocket attack in the Ras al-Ain area south of the southern Lebanese city of Tire and an explosion that occurred inside a mosque in the Bourj al-Shemali refugee camp.

The mosque served as an arms depot.

The Israeli authorities are trying to deal with the danger without provoking an escalation. They closely monitor Hamas military activity in southern Lebanon.

Security forces have not ruled out the possibility that Hamas, with the coordination of Hezbollah, will use its foothold in southern Lebanon to attack Israel if a new conflict breaks out in Gaza.

Relevant agencies and the military command are taking necessary steps to deal with this threat, Makan said.

Israel in April accused Hamas of firing a rocket from Lebanon.

It retaliated by shelling uninhabited areas and the location where the rocket was fired in southern Lebanon.

No one claimed responsibility for the grad rocket fire, but Israeli security circles said a Hamas cell was likely to blame.

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