Lake of the Ozarks: A Guide to Every Summer Activity

There’s a reason the Ozarks are one of the best summer destinations in the Midwest, and these perfect summer activities are just part of it.

Located in Missouri, the Ozarks are a vast, charming space offering the most incredible getaways for those who want to enjoy a unique vacation. Covering a vast area of ​​rugged hills, the Ozarks are primarily distinguished by their ecosystem and topography. The region has a variety of beautiful spots that attract flocks of tourists and avid adventurers. The mystical forests, wilderness areas, glades, lakes, and geographical and cultural specificities of the region provide an excellent escape for those looking for a refreshing new place to get away from mundane and boring daily life.

Whether it’s getting lost in one of the Ozarks forests or going on a hike, experiencing the beauty of the wilderness, there’s something for everyone. When you head to the Ozarks on a hot summer day, the summer bucket list will be loaded with various activities. Hiking along rivers, enjoying a refreshing swim, camping under the stars, kayaking and canoeing while soaking up the warm rays of the sun are all it takes to clear your mind, recharge the heart and soul and feel a little more alive again.

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Here are some of the must-do activities when visiting the Ozarks

Float down a river

There’s nothing quite like blowing away all the stress floating down a river on a sunny day and enjoying the scenic views surrounding the rivers. The freshness and coldness of the river gives the impetus to clear your mind and recharge your batteries with good energy. Several floating trips are organized in the Ozarks with different difficulties for amateurs and adventurous professional hikers. Here are the best trips:

  • Float Beaver Creek in Ava, Missouri (Length: 8 km, Difficulty: Easy)
  • Float down Missouri’s Big Piney River (Length: 8 miles, Difficulty: Easy)
  • Buffalo National River (Length: 11 – 17 kilometers, Difficulty: Moderate)

Enjoy the roller coaster or a visit to the water park

This time it’s not the roller coaster of life, but rather a real mountain to savor while bringing excitement back to your heart. Another water activity worth doing in the Ozarks is sliding down a waterslide and finishing it off with a massive splash.

Go camping in the beautiful Ozarks

Camping is one of the most rewarding activities in the beautiful Ozarks. Lying on the camping mat at night, feeling the gentle breeze caressing your cheeks and wishing on the stars is an experience like no other. Well, everything about this beautiful place has a special magic.

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Magic sought in the Ozarks can be found at some of these locations

The Ozarks are home to several luxury cabins and unique accommodations where people can stay and enjoy the unique summer season.

Cabins on Table Rock Lake

There is nothing more exciting than renting a cabin in the Ozarks for those who want to spend some quality time with family and friends. These are undoubtedly essential to make the stay memorable and so comfortable. The log cabins are very well decorated and spacious, which makes them pleasant to live in. Plus, they’re surrounded by sweeping views of Table Rock Lake, and their adjacent grounds include a mini-golf course, fireplace, and boat dock.

  • Property Type: Luxury Lodges and Cottages
  • Location: Lamp, adjacent to Table Rock Lake

silver dollar city

In the heart of Missouri, Silver Dollar City is a 61-acre amusement park that can turn a boring, ordinary day into an extraordinary one. At the park, one can enjoy magnificent limited-time musical performances, witness and participate in colorful and vibrant entertainment, and taste various new flavors. Plus, they can explore the city’s water park and feel the rush on its slides. There are different options for getting a pass depending on how one intends to spend their time. However, it is still advisable to get the group tickets and take advantage of the included packages. The park is undoubtedly at the top of the must-see places in the Ozarks during the summer. Silver Dollar City is a perfect place for kids and adults.

  • Location: 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616, USA.

Osage National Golf

Osage National Golf Resort is a magnificent resort and was designed, in 1992, by the most charismatic American golfer in the history of the sport, Arnold Palmer. The gated complex, with 27 holes, stretches over 7,150 meters of beautiful fairways (i.e. a golf course). The resort, surrounded by magnificent views, not only caters to professional golfers looking for a luxurious experience, but it also hosts weddings and corporate retreats and handles events from start to finish. It also offers several access options such as the ability to become a member, book tee times and take advantage of certain stay and play packages. elegance and beauty of this resort.

  • Location: 400 Osage Hills Rd Lake Ozark, MO 65049, United States
  • Cost: The price to stay at the Osage National Golf Resort for one night is $99 in low season and $144 in high season.

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