Letter to the Editor – Hiking trails benefit the park


I read the Havre Daily News article from Tuesday, February 8 about the Hill County Park Board meeting. The presentation on adding a new loop trail on the Bear Paw Nature Trail near Brough Coulee was exciting. The development of the nature trail was a cooperative effort between the Hill County Conservation District, Beaver Creek Park Board, Hill County Commissioners and the Havre Lions Club to enhance the outdoor experience in Beaver Creek Park. This trail is used year round and enjoyed by many.

I am writing this letter now because I am disappointed with the negativity posted at the park board meeting last week in reference to the development of a new loop trail on the nature trail. Thank you to the Park Board for seeing the trail project as an asset to the park and for approving the project.

Yes, there is plenty of great hiking land in the park, but not everyone likes, can, or wants to lead the way. The trails open up a whole new way for many more people to explore the park. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend many summers at our family cabin in Beaver Creek Park, and I just wish I could have enjoyed the thrill of hiking a trail through the aspens, along the creek, or taking in a great view from a high point of view.

The work and vision of the Havre Trails groups has been nothing short of amazing. From the first municipal trail completed, Devlin Trail at US Bank Park, to the wonderful additions of the two loop trails at Rotary Canyon.

It was exciting to see people experience the first loop trail once completed. And more excitement and anticipation grew when the second loop was complete. I believe there are many people, myself included, who can now explore the park and enjoy an afternoon walk from spring to fall that may not just be out without a trail defined.

We have to be grateful to the Havre Trails Group and their dedication to providing accessible trails that experience the greatest recreation area we could possibly have right next to us. The opportunity for families, friends and visitors to experience the park while exploring a trail is a gift.

Thank you Haven Trails.

Debbie Vandeberg

Le Havre

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