Line Of Duty fans amazed to see Buckells playing golf with OCG in series one


With the Line of Duty season six finale dividing viewers on Sunday night with the unveiling of the elusive ‘Fourth Man’ working within the force to help criminals, obsessive fans have taken to past episodes for look for clues they missed.

Many couldn’t believe that Nigel Boyle’s goofy DSI Ian Buckells was actually the character known as H who had played both sides throughout Line of Duty’s full six seasons – and 10 years.

The reveal was viewed as disappointing by many fans who considered Buckells “too thick” to have been such a criminal mastermind.

Reviewing the past six seasons, however, some fans have uncovered clues from the first season that made Buckells the true villain of the show.

Fans discovered clues that Ian Buckells was returning H in season one

A seemingly “obvious” clue was presented in the first series when Buckells went golfing with corrupt OCG leader Tommy Hunter.

Reviewing the episodes, one fan exclaimed on Twitter, “Hidden in plain sight since Episode 5 of Series 1. Buckells is going golfing with Hunter!”

One scene showed Buckells wearing a set of golf clubs as he went to rub shoulders with his corrupt boss.

The identity of another corrupt officer had been branded as “Caddy” in the following seasons.

Buckells was playing golf with show villain Tomas Hunter

Meanwhile, an interview with Buckells actor Nigel Boyle resurfaced after the big reveal – as he appeared to hint that he was the show’s villain when the show was promoted in 2017.

He told Digital Spy while promoting Series Four: “There is definitely more to Buckells than it looks!

“He’s very knowledgeable, very good at what he does, he’s the go-to guy, but he’s definitely not a popular guy – he’s petulant, and a bit of a good job I think.

“I don’t think people give him enough credit, just because of his personality!”

Although the actor himself insisted this week that he was not told the truth about his character until halfway through filming the sixth series.

He said: “We had the first four scripts and started filming part of Series 6 when we had to stop due to the first lockdown.

Buckells was finally unmasked as an H in the tense season six finale

“When we were about to resume shooting, Jed texted me saying, ‘Are you free to chat at some point today? Don’t worry, it’s not that call… ‘. What I understood that I was not going to end up dead!

“But I was still pretty nervous and didn’t know what he wanted to talk to me about.

“He called me up and said, ‘The scripts for the next episodes are going to be sent imminently and so it’s time to tell you the secret that I have kept, you are going to be revealed as someone rather important… ” “

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