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Editor’s Note: This is part 3 of a series about the small communities around Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo that are experiencing significant expansions as the metro expands.

MAPLETON, ND — Bob Margheim has a golf cart, but he doesn’t play golf.

The five-year-old Mapleton resident said he bought one to take his grandchildren on a trip.

For other residents, the golf carts that roam the town streets are used all summer as transportation to the popular 18-hole Maple River Golf Club, which is a focal point of this bedroom community about 8 miles west of West Fargo along Interstate 94.

In fact, Mayor Andy Draeger calls the town a “golfer’s community,” and that’s the main reason he moved to the town, which has doubled in size from about 760 residents in 2010 to about 1,510. in May this year.

“I think the golf course really helps give us a sense of community,” he said.

Most of the city’s growth is near the well-maintained golf course next to the Maple River, as four housing developments have contributed to the city’s 104% growth rate since 2000.

The first development near the golf course, called Ashmoor Glen, started in 1999, but the real growth started in 2018 when the third addition was added and resulted in the busiest year for new homes with around 50 built. Since then, almost 100 additional building permits have been granted, including 41 so far this year.

Two new homes are being built next to the 18-hole Maple River golf course in Mapleton, about 11 miles west of Fargo, a fast-growing bedroom community. A total of nearly 100 building permits have been issued in the community over the past three years for new construction, mostly single-family homes. Barry Amundson / The Forum

The fourth Ashmoor Glen addition is currently under construction with buried utility lines and streets being built in what Draeger said is the last available area in the golf course area west of the street. main town – County Road 11 off the freeway.

The newest development will offer 72 lots, with condos also planned for those 55 and older.

Draeger said he had two requirements for the latest development: no special assessment and no dead ends due to the difficulty of snow clearing and maintenance.

The developer, Dietrich Construction of Fargo, was all for it.

Margheim was also pleased with this philosophy. He said some of the reasons he moved from West Fargo to Mapleton were the low special ratings and bigger lots.

The regional hotel manager and his empty nest said he and his wife simply “love” the community.

At the nearby golf course, bar manager Sydney Haman is spending her third summer at the clubhouse. She said most members live in surrounding neighborhoods and often drive their golf carts from their homes to the course.

Maple River Golf Course.jpg

Maple River Golf Course bar manager Sydney Haman stands by the clubhouse which has undergone upgrades over the past two years. Haman, who commutes to work from Fargo, said he made friends with some of the members and joined them after work at two of the city’s food and drink establishments. Barry Amundson / The Forum

Draeger said they had no regulations on golf carts on city streets and added that he drove his golf cart from the Meridian Grove subdivision near the school on the east side of town. Meridian Grove only has a few lots left to sell.

Haman commutes to his job on the golf course from his home in South Fargo, as do the other five bartenders and six beverage cart operators.

“It’s only about a 20 minute drive,” she said.

This short trip was also attractive to Draeger. He said that when he lived in downtown Fargo, it took him about 20 minutes to get to work on 13th Avenue South near the West Acres mall, which is longer than some commuters. Mapleton residents to work in Fargo and West Fargo.

West Fargo can be reached in about 5-10 minutes by car; Margheim stressed that he could arrive at West Fargo Costco within that time frame.

Besides the golf course, another main attraction in the 145-year-old town is the Mapleton School District Elementary School which was completed in 2017.

Enrollment has risen from around 82 pupils 10 years ago in the old turn-of-the-century school building to 200 this year in the new kindergarten through sixth grade.

For middle and high school, families must do open enrollment, with most students attending Central Cass in Casselton or West Fargo. Draeger said he’s even seen buses come into town from Kindred and Northern Cass schools over the years.

Elementary school principal Jenna Farkas said the school prides itself on small class sizes, which currently have about one teacher for every 16 students.

With growth booming, she said, the school board is considering expanding the school to keep class sizes low and find additional room to add a middle school for seventh and seventh graders. eigth year.

As for business in the growing town, the Maple River Town Square along County Road 11 is being developed with its first business – Muddy Boots Cafe – slated to open in a few weeks.

Draeger said the square’s builder, Justin Forde, plans to add up to three more buildings in the area to give Mapleton its own “downtown.” The old downtown area of ​​the city was moved when the levee was built along the Maple River.

The mayor said residents “would desperately like to see” a day care center in the town square.

Other possible tenants could be a gym, offices, or perhaps more dining options.

Already, the town has two food and drink establishments – the longtime staple called Hagge’s Bar & Grill and the Icewind Brewery.

Near the commercial establishments are the occupants of the city’s industrial park, which houses trucking companies, commercial condos, a seed company, a tire company and the mainstay – the agricultural equipment manufacturing company Horsch .

Draeger also hopes growth is coming in the industrial park.

While the town is booming, the mayor realizes that there are growing pains.

He heard some complaints about the installation of sidewalks in town, but said they were necessary for children to walk to school.

Mapleton Trail.jpg

Here’s a view of what a large, possible shared-use trail might look like along County Road 11, Mapleton’s main road. The county is paying 50% of the project, with a necessary local share for the rest. Mayor Andy Draeger said the hope is to build the trail next year. Drawing submitted / Town of Mapleton

He also heard a few complaints on the road.

His idea on growth, however, is to be smart and transparent.

The mayor is well aware of the financial concerns of residents when projects are undertaken and wants people to participate and give their opinion on the decisions of the five-member city council.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the city,” he said of the growth.

The growth, he says, is not going to stop.

Mapleton Housing Development.jpg

A new 72-lot housing development is being built in Mapleton, in the last available area near the town’s popular Maple River Golf Course. Roads and utilities are currently the focus of Ashmoor Glen’s fourth addition. Barry Amundson / The Forum

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