Melbourne coronavirus lockdown: can I visit my partner, play golf, hike or fish? Will there be roadblocks? Can I stay in my vacation home?


Victoria recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with 191 new COVID-19 infections confirmed on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said most of them were in the Melbourne hotspot corridor.

He urged the government to announce a six-week lockdown of metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, which is on the northern fringe of the city.

This means a return to home orders for more than 5 million people of 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

We’ll see how the lock will work, but first let’s take a look at who’s included.

All of Melbourne will be locked up for the next six weeks, with just four reasons for people to leave their homes.(

ABC News: Kyle Harley


What is the Melbourne metropolis and who is in lockdown?

The Melbourne metropolis is an area that includes 31 local government areas.

It runs from Wyndham in the southwest to Yarra ranges to the northeast and up to Cardinia and Casey At the South-East.

It includes the Mornington Peninsula corn do not include Geelong.

Here are all counties in alphabetical order:

Banyule, Bayside, Boroondara, Brimbank, Cardinia, Casey, Darebin, Frankston, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Hobsons Bay, Hume, Kingston, Knox, Manningham, Maribyrnong, Maroondah, Melbourne, Melton, Monash, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Mornington Peninsula , Nillumbik, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Whitehorse, Whittlesea, Wyndham, Yarra and Yarra Ranges.

Mitchell County is not part of the Melbourne metropolis, but it is right on the borderline.

Due to an “unbearable number of positive cases” he was included in the lockdown zone.

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Josh Bavas examines how the NSW-Victoria border closure works

How will the containment be applied?

Andrews said the motivation behind the lockdown was twofold: reduce the number of cases in Melbourne and limit the spread in regional Victoria.

The police would set up roadblocks, similar to alcohol buses, on the main roads leading out of Melbourne, the prime minister said.

The Victorian government called for a new 260 Australian Defense Force members to help.

“They will basically support the Victoria Police Force, as the Victoria Police Force will be setting up roadblocks and other command centers to ensure that this tough border between the Melbourne metropolis and the Victoria area is not violated. “said Andrews.

A Victoria police officer wearing a mask directs traffic.
Police will enforce restrictions and check IDs.(

ABC News: Daniel Close, file photo


Roadblocks will not stop all drivers, and they will not be on all roads, but stopped drivers will be asked if they have a valid reason for traveling.

“Don’t think for a moment that you could flout these rules and travel to Victoria country,” Andrews said.

“There will be every chance that you will be stopped and asked and if you do not have a legitimate excuse, significant penalties will apply. “

What are the reasons for leaving the house in confinement?

Anyone included in the lockdown will only be allowed to leave their homes for four reasons:

  • Study or work – if you can’t work from home
  • Medical care and care
  • Shopping for the essentials
  • Daily exercise – but you cannot leave or enter restricted areas
Two women shopping in a supermarket.
The purchase of groceries and other essential supplies remains on the list of approved activities.(

ABC News: Joshua Boscaini


Unless you are in one of the nine towers of social housing who are in full containment.

These residents remain unable to leave unit for any reason.

Can I visit my partner?

Yes you can always visit your intimate partner.

However, you cannot have other visitors in your home if you live in a Lockdown Zone or if the person you want to visit lives in the Lockdown Zone.

Daily exercise is still allowed, can I go to the gym or swimming pool?

Indoor sports and recreation centers are closed and will include gymnasiums.

The pools in the containment zone will be closed.

Three women in a gym, squatting while holding dumbbells.  Between each woman is an electrical tape marking the physical distance.
People are allowed to leave their homes to exercise, but not to go to the gym.(

ABC News: Tim Swanston


Are golfing, hiking or fishing allowed under the foreclosure rules?

Yes. Fishing, boating, tennis, golf and surfing are permitted for exercise.

But not if you have to move outside the Lockdown Zone to get there.

“You can’t take a four hour walk in the bush hundreds of miles from Melbourne,” Mr Andrews said.

“You can’t go fishing outside of the metro area into the Victoria area.

“The Victoria area has very, very few cases and large parts of the Victoria area do not. This is designed to keep it that way.”

A female hiker stands on top of a rocky outcrop watching the nature below.
Hikes like this at Cathedral Range State Park will be off limits to those in the lockdown area.(



What about community sport?

Unfortunately, community sport is no longer allowed.

The South Metro Junior Football League has already informed players that the season will be on hold for the duration of the lockdown.

“The league recommends that clubs take steps to immediately cancel any training session,” they said.

Can I stay in my vacation home in the Victoria area?

The first time Victoria entered the third stage of restrictions, those lucky enough to own a second home were not prevented from using it.

But this time things are more serious.

The Prime Minister said that people not be allowed to visit their vacation home if their primary residence is in a closed suburb.

“This stay-at-home directive will apply to your primary place of residence – this means no escape to holiday homes,” he said.

“This is, I know, further than we went last time, but we are, in many ways, in a more precarious, difficult and potentially tragic position than we were a few months ago. “

A lone surfer in the water heads for a wave at Lorne Beach in Victoria.
The stay-at-home order prohibits people from visiting their second homes, including beach houses or rural properties outside the lockdown zone.(

ABC Southwest Vic: Emma Nobel


What about people already on vacation. Should they go home?

Many families have fled the city for the school holidays.

The Prime Minister said residents of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire who are already on vacation can stay for the duration of their trip.

But once you get back to the Lockdown Zone, there will be no more getaways.

They will be able to complete their vacation “, he said.

“But no one can go on vacation from metropolitan Melbourne, because leaving home for vacation is not one of the four permitted reasons.”

Can weddings and funerals take place?

Yes, but with a limited number.

Weddings will be limited to five people.

The funeral will be capped at 10 people as well as those required to perform the ceremony.

Religious ceremonies unrelated to weddings or funerals are to be broadcast only.

What about cafes and other businesses?

A sign on the glass door of a cafe indicates take out only and card payments only.
Hotel businesses will return to take-out under the new rules.(

ABC News: Ron Ekkel


Businesses in the lockdown zone will also revert to the third stage restrictions.

Restaurants and cafes will resume take-out and delivery service only.

Beauty institutes will have to close but hairdresser can remain open.

Places of entertainment and culture like museums and cinemas will have to close their doors.

The Prime Minister said he would have further announcements in the coming days regarding financial support to help these businesses.

An entirely empty cinema filled with black leather armchairs.
Melbourne cinemas will be forced to close again just weeks after they reopen.(

ABC News: Joseph Dunstan


Outside of the lockdown areas, however, it is “business as usual”.

But that doesn’t mean Melburnians can get food at a restaurant outside of town.

Mr Andrews said cafes operating in the Victoria area are still required to take names and phone numbers for contact tracing purposes and that would evolve to include verify identity to determine that the person is not from Melbourne.

“Someone from, say, Mulgrave, where I live, will not be allowed to go to Geelong for dinner,” Andrews said.

“If I did, any sites I try to link to would ask me to provide some ID… to determine that you are local and not from Melbourne.

“It will become a feature of how these restaurants, cafes, bars, pub food services will have to operate.”

What about real estate?

Auctions will take place remotely and inspections will be carried out by appointment only.

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