Moratorium passed on title lending companies | News

In a special meeting convened on April 7, the city council of the social circle voted to temporarily ban the acceptance of business license applications for companies that provide high-interest loans to citizens.

New businesses that would be affected include title and payday loan companies, pawnshops and bail bondsmen.

The moratorium will be in effect until September 30, or until council can review and amend the city’s existing zoning ordinance and clarify zoning classifications such as that for businesses that provide interest rate loans. high interest rates to residents.

The board also discussed a potential 2022-23 rate increase for sanitation and recycling services during a regular business session following the meeting called last week.

Social Circle City Manager Eric Taylor said the company the city has contracted with for garbage collection, Waste Management, is seeing rising fuel and staffing costs, in addition to being hit by inflation.

The city’s current two-year contract with Waste Management ends August 31. The agreement would automatically renew unless notice of termination is given by June 1. Taylor said the city has been happy with the company so far and sees no need to go with another.

Currently, Waste Management provides once-a-week household waste pickup through a rear-loading service. Residential recycling is done once a week with an 18 gallon bin. The service also includes bulky residential items – two items – picked up weekly. The cost to the customer is currently $16.55 per month.

However, if the services were to remain the same, the cost would increase by $8 per month to $24.55 per month, Taylor said.

Taylor recommended discontinuing residential bulk waste collection on August 1. Waste management would also move to an automated side-loading service that would require fewer staff.

This option would cost the customer an increment of $2.19 per month for a fee of $18.74 per month.

The city council will then meet at 6:30 p.m. on April 19 in the city’s community hall on East Hightower Trail.

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