Mount Shasta is home to more than just a hike

From farmer’s markets and bat houses to overnight train trips, here’s everything visitors should experience around Mount Shasta.

Located in Siskiyou County, California, Mount Shasta is tall and proud. This mighty mountain is over 14,000 feet high. This majestic volcano is not just a pretty site or another “mountain”; it is a destination for spiritual healing and growth.

Otherwise, Mount Shasta is perfect for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Combined with its spiritual reputation, Mount Shasta is the fastest growing spot for destination vacations! While visitors can enjoy popular activities like hiking and camping, there are a myriad of activities awaiting them at Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta and Siskiyou County have plenty of fun activities for any traveler!

Check out some of these unusual recreational activities in idyllic mountainous California!

11 Try your hand at off-piste skiing

Thrill-seeking travelers can experience the grandeur of Mount Shasta by cross-country skiing during the winter months at their ski resorts. You can also ski (and snowboard) on Eddys and Scott Mountain. If cross-country skiing isn’t enough, travelers can also try downhill / cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding and snowshoeing!

ten Visit a fish hatchery

  • Site: 1 North Old Stage Rd

Open year round, the Mount Shasta Hatchery is the oldest hatchery west of the Mississippi.

Visitors can witness the majestic migration of trout while feeding them on their travels. There is a small park in the area and a museum. Customers can also feed the fish!

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9 Test your limits with mountaineering

Reserved only for those looking for a physical challenge, Mount Shasta is a perfect location for climbers. The best time to climb the mountain is between May and September, due to the stable weather, warmer temperatures and calmer winds. Visitors should carefully plan their trip before attempting to climb this 14,179-foot monster.

8 Learn more about lenticular clouds

  • Site: Mt. Shasta Museum, 1 N. Old Stage Rd

Lenticular clouds are associated with UFO sightings and local legends related to alien life forms! Customers can learn more about these clouds at the Mount Shasta Museum while viewing photos of these clouds above the mighty mountains. Otherwise, visitors to the museum can learn a lot about the history of the area, including the rail system, Native American basketry, and more!

seven Cycling or mountain biking

Outdoor enthusiasts will love to cycle around Mount Shasta with various difficulties. Cyclists will love cycling along the river to spot waterfalls while taking in views of alpine lakes! Mountain bikers can head to Lava Beds National Monument to experience lava tubes, obsidian mountains, and calderas! Whether travelers are experts or novice cyclists, biking is a must-do activity at Mount Shasta.

6 Sleep inside a train

  • Site: Railroad Park Resort, 100 Railroad Park Road

Located in Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, visitors can enjoy the great outdoors near Mount Shasta at Railroad Park Resort, one of the best places to stay in Northern California! Each room is called a ‘caboose’ and can accommodate up to 5 people. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities including free Wi-Fi, free parking, on-site restaurants and an outdoor swimming pool.

5 Discover the farmer’s market

Travelers will love browsing the Mount Shasta Farmer’s Market which sells a variety of meats, herbs, fresh produce, honey, eggs, coffee and many other delicacies! Local artists and traders sell their handicrafts at the farmer’s market. Customers can also listen to soothing jazz music while they shop for fresh produce.

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4 Explore dark caves!

Those who like to venture into the unknown will love caving at Mount Shasta. Being a majestic mountain (which also happens to be an active volcano), visitors can explore nearby caves at Lava Beds National Monument, Lake Shasta Caverns, and Pluto Cave. Guests should go caving in appropriate attire, shoes, water, and a flashlight. Visitors should stay on the trails inside the caves to avoid danger.

3 Buy a bat house

Travelers looking for a unique souvenir to take home should visit The Raven Tree and buy a bat house! Located on Morgan Way, this unique boutique sells handcrafted birdhouses, bird feeders, garden sculptures, and artistic gifts. Bird watchers can also purchase bird seed in bulk at The Raven Tree. While browsing the store, visitors can appreciate the range of artisan products in this cozy boutique.

2 Chase stunts

The magic of Mount Shasta is not complete without its majestic waterfalls. While appreciating the grandeur of the mighty mountain, visitors should also experience the waterfalls in the area. Backpackers should visit the McCloud River to appreciate its three waterfalls, as well as Hedge Creek Falls. However, many guests considered McArthur-Burney Falls to be the most beautiful waterfall in the northern state!

1 Feel the cool wind and go horseback riding!

Besides mountaineering and off-piste skiing, some claim that horseback riding offers an equivalent rush of adrenaline! Fortunately, tourists can try their hand at horseback riding and feel the wind in their hair. Visitors can be alone with their thoughts while touring the beauty of Mount Shasta on horseback. Without motor vehicles, riders can hike the Pacific Crest Trail and bask in the vast mountain range.

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