No snow means more golf, hiking and biking

Local businesses are staying busy thanks to the hot, dry weather.

Golf courses in Grand Junction are staying open longer and bike rental shops cannot keep up with demand.

“Can’t beat this weather for January,” said mountain biker Don Tietsema.

Sunny skies and warmer temperatures are pushing people outdoors.

“It’s good exercise and fun to get out in the sun,” said golfer Mickey Burns.

“People ride bikes, people ski, people do a little bit of everything that’s fun,” said Cooper Cartmill, ski and bike technician at Board and Buckle Co.

Bike rentals are soaring, as residents head to the trails.

“That’s the fun part about living here is you can ride a bike about 12 months out of the year,” Cartmill said.

“The ski slopes don’t have a lot of snow, so the biking has been great. I just wanted to get out there and have a ride,” Tietsema said.

The golf courses are filling up.

“Generally we’re lucky if we’re open at this time of year,” Chipeta Golf Course operations manager Tim Reeves said.

“I went out Saturday and today and haven’t been out since September, but it’s beautiful,” Burns said.

It looks like they won’t have an offseason this year.

“We’re just having a good time,” Burns said.

“Obviously it’s great, it’s harder on the course because of wear and tear, but it’s great to be open,” Reeves said.

Chipeta usually closes for a few weeks to a few months, but so far they haven’t even closed for a day.

“We actually saw people from a couple of the other golf courses in town that we don’t normally see, so it’s nice to see everyone still outside,” Reeves said.

It looks like our warmer temps will stay at least until Saturday, then we might see some showers this weekend, so keep those snowboards and skis handy.

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