Observation of “unusual activity” prompts search for the body


The search currently underway for Deirdre Jacob in the woods near Kildare, west of Wicklow, was prompted by a witness who claims to have seen a car with an open boat parked near the wooded area just hours after it went missing. July 28, 1998.

the research began last Monday and is expected to last two more weeks and will cover an area of ​​approximately four acres.

A witness informed Gardaí that they spotted a car in a field next to the woods next to a now disused road in the early evening on the day Ms Jacob first disappeared. The witness saw what is described as “unusual activity” involving the car and was able to provide Gardai with a description.

Ms Jacob was last seen about a mile from her home in Newbridge. The last sighting of the 18-year-old was from CCTV footage at a permanent Irish office on the town’s main street around 3 p.m.

Up to 15 members of the divisional research team will roam the field each day, assisted by other units and forensic specialists.

Ms Jacob’s disappearance was officially treated by Gardaí as a missing persons case until August 2018, when it was turned into a murder investigation.

As the research focuses on Ms. Jacob’s disappearance,
Gardaí is also aware that Jo Jo Dullard was last seen a short distance away in the town of Moone.

Ms. Dullard, 21, disappeared without a trace of Moone on November 9, 1995. She was in a phone booth talking to a friend to tell her where she was, when a car pulled up for Ms. Dullard.

Notorious rapist Larry Murphy remains prime suspect
in the murder of Ms. Jacob and the remote area of ​​the forest currently being excavated is close to where Mr. Murphy was living at the time of his disappearance.

The DPP is still examining whether the convicted rapist should face criminal charges after detectives submitted a full case file on his alleged involvement in his alleged kidnapping and murder. Garda’s brief describes the evidence against Murphy and was
submitted in February of last year.

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