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Outdoor Recreational Adventure Center, in the Preston Center, offers students a less conventional way to get active here at WKU.

Some students may feel pressured into a gym but still have a desire to exercise in new ways. ORAC offers outdoor excursions throughout the fall semester, ranging from hiking and canoeing to biking. Students can register online for places on these trips and pay a travel fee, which covers transportation and any equipment you may need for the activities.

These trips are great for beginnersthere is no need to worry about what equipment to buy or where to travel.

“Mentally, I think traveling with ORAC will provide a fun escape from the stress and anxiety that comes with school,” said Ella McGriff, a freshman Spanish from Bowling Green. “Physically, it will probably help the climb up the hill become easier.”

As with any exercise, participating in these events can improve your physical and mental health. Getting off campus can help take stress away from you, and the outdoors is a great place to clear your mind and review your weekly or monthly goals.

“Here at ORAC, we’re always looking for ways to be more inclusive so that everyone – and we hear from everyone – on the outside to find something they love,” explained Dana Money, a team second year from ORAC and equipment store attendant.

The fall events schedule can be viewed online or at the ORAC office inside the Preston Center.

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