Peterborough Golfers Take on Huge 101-Hole Golf Challenge for Cancer Wellbeing Service

Leo Brown (left) and Sam Marshall (right) of Elton Furze Golf Club in their 101-hole longest day challenge.

Leo Brown and Sam Marshall, junior captain and junior vice-captain at Elton Furze Golf Club, took on their “longest day challenge” on Monday, June 21.

The duo, aged 15 and 14 respectively, managed to start school at 4 a.m. to complete the five and a half laps of the required challenge.

They took a short break in between, but completed over 12 hours of golf, finishing around 5:45 pm; after driving about 36 miles between all the holes.

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Leo Brown (left) and Sam Marshall (right) of Elton Furze Golf Club in their 101-hole longest day challenge.

They were even still strong at the end with Leo eagling the ninth par-five and Sam completing a single put for a birdie, after missing his eagle shot by just inches.

Leo and Sam are both talented young golfers in their own right and formidable opponents in their home scratch league. Leo shoots a handicap of five, while Sam is at two.

In what was a huge effort on the part of both players to complete the 101 holes, which had a par score of 392, Leo took 426 strokes and Sam 405. When handicaps were applied, that meant the final scores were Leo 26 on par and Sam 11 over, further demonstrating the skill of the two young players.

The boys decided they wanted to raise money for the Cancer Wellbeing Service as a gesture for the club’s 2020 junior organizer and male captain, Peter Burgess.

Due to the lockdown, the club’s fundraising efforts took a hit and Peter was unable to raise funds for the cause close to his heart. The hospital ward is currently helping a close friend of his wife during their second cycle of chemotherapy.

He said: “It’s really amazing that the two boys came up to me and said ‘we would like to raise money for the association because you were locked out, can we do 101 holes? And j Said it was a bit like the boys but I’m so proud of them.

“It’s a magnificent achievement and it caught the attention of a lot of people. They finished in front of a large crowd and pros told me they saw the boys swing and were really impressed.

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