Pittsville, a perfect place for outdoor activities


Courtesy of the Wood County Parks Department.

PITTSVILLE, WI (OnFocus) – Outdoor activities are one of Wisconsin’s top attractions. However, you don’t have to be on the Lake Michigan coast or on the banks of the Mississippi River to find recreation. Pittsville is centrally located in cities like Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, and Black River Falls, making it a great place to stop and experience some of the outdoor activities that the surrounding area has to offer. Here are a few places that might spark your interest:

  1. North Wood County Park – A short drive north on Pittsville County Freeway A will bring you to one of Wood County’s many parks. The park is equipped with a pavilion, fishing spots, camping, golf course, swimming area, hiking trails and more. The park is located on 172 acres on the banks of the Yellow River. Two small man-made lakes created by dams on the river and a small pine forested island offer picturesque beauty to the whole area. One of the main attractions of the park is the 225-foot suspension bridge over the Yellow River.
  2. Powers Bluff County Park – Powers Bluff is a worn peak of an ancient mountain range that once covered northern Wisconsin. It is composed almost entirely of solid quartzite and is the highest point in Wood County. The 80 acres to the south of the park are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as an area of ​​Native American Cultural Sensitivity with preserved Native American dance rings and cemeteries. The park has four downhill tube trails and three downhill ski trails for winter activities. Powers Bluff is also currently running a multi-million dollar development project.
  3. Dexter Park – This park is a camper’s dream because it brings together the marine life of Dexter Lake with the pleasure of camping. Located six miles south of Pittsville at the intersection of Highways 80 and 54, Dexter Park is an easily accessible area for all families. The campground has 96 sites (86 electric sites) and all are equipped with a black mat for easy installation and removal of campers from visitors. Swimming, picnicking, ATV trails, canoeing and playgrounds are all features you can find at Dexter Park.
  4. Wood County ATV Trails – Wood County has an extensive structure of ATV trails and access points. Cyclists can enjoy the trails from Marshfield to Black River Falls and Auburndale. A complete map of Wood County ATV trails can be viewed here.
  5. Riverside Park – Located in the heart of Pittsville, this district takes its name from its border with the Yellow River. This park includes tennis and basketball courts, kayaking, canoeing, disc golf, fishing and a walking trail. The park is located just behind Pittsville High School.

Details on all of these parks and more can be found by going to the Wood County Parks Department website.

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