Port activity report for June 2022

Photo by Agnieszka Sanchez

Although we have no specific activities to report for the month of June, Port Services can assure you that summer has arrived. Boaters began arriving early to secure a docking inside Avalon for July 4th. Our burial team was busy with many visitors indulging in the libations found at local establishments, which also resulted in a few heartaches. There is the sporadic artist who comes up and feels the need to decorate the walls of public restrooms. And, of course, we can’t forget the shenanigans of our (mostly) younger generation…jumping off the roof of the pier’s dive shop, fuel dock, mole, and the roofs of boats moored near Step Beach ( without permission, of course).

There is always a little drama in the anchorage areas; a drifting boat, a sinking boat, who owns which boat, does anyone own the boat and so on. Finally, there is sometimes a heated disagreement over the personal preference of the flags flown on his boat.

Avalon Harbor Patrol is just one part of the team of professional responders and enjoys its close working relationship with the City of Avalon Fire Department, LA County Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department LA County Fire and LA County Baywatch, who all work together to meet the needs of our citizens and visitors.

Unfortunately, the port experienced the lowest number of boats in port in June since June 2016. It is possible that the cost of fuel is affecting boaters and/or that other destinations may have opened up to visitors after the last two years. COVID. However… the return of cruise ships to Avalon has been a nice boost to revenue.

June 2022 statistics

People on board ships — 6,408

Moored vessels — 1,602

Ships at anchor—110

Moorings sold / transferred—2 / 0

Citations issued / discharges—1 / 0

Total cruise ship passengers / visits – 28,963 / 9

Weather warnings—3

Rain (inches)—0

Rainy days—0

Medium, high temperature—68

Medium, low temperature—59

Average sea temperature—67

Additional Harbor Patrol Stats

Medical aids – 12

Non-medical emergencies – 3

Law Enforcement Encounters – 64

Public assistance – 116

Security Patrols – 283

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Port activity report for June 2022

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