Preparation is key as the north coast braces for severe weather activity

Queensland fire and emergency service crews on the north coast have already been busy with weather-related incidents in the region ahead of what is expected to be a major rainy season.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has identified a 66% probability of an above-average number of cyclones and an above-average probability of precipitation for the eastern region of Australia.

North Coast Region (NCR) Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Assistant Commissioner Gary McCormack said teams were prepared for the season and urged residents to do the same .

“There is a risk of increased weather activity in the coming months, so our communities need to be prepared,” McCormack said.

“In the first two weeks of November, the NCR State Emergency Service (SES) has already received more than 90 inquiries related to flooding, structural damage to homes and downed trees.

“The region can rest assured that it is in good hands. We have nine NCR SES units comprising 47 groups, which equates to over 700 active volunteers who are ready and willing to help those in need.

“SES provides a wide variety of services ranging from storm damage, flood boat operations, traffic management, land search, motor vehicle accidents, vertical and specialist rescue up to incident management and assistance to our emergency service partners, so our staff are well equipped to respond to a wide range of emergencies.

Mr McCormack said teams have done a considerable amount of work helping residents prepare, including attending events and open houses, as well as spending time honing their skills in anticipation of a busy end of the year.

“Whitewater rescue technicians from the Fire and Rescue Services always train extremely hard on the water and have organized motorized whitewater rescue workshops to hone their skills for the coming season,” did he declare.

“We have the capacity to deploy additional resources to all affected areas, including SES volunteers from other parts of Queensland as well as from state to state.”

NCR SES Regional Director Angela Everist said four tropical cyclones affected Queensland last season and the SES responded admirably at the time and would do so again this season if necessary.

“The north coast has faced significant severe storms during this period, with more than 750 requests for SES assistance,” she said.

“Last year, NCR groups spent over 17,000 hours on operational tasks and over 52,000 hours on training, administration, group exercises, courses, public education, recruiting, fundraising and equipment maintenance.

“We can expect to see severe storms and heavy rainfall during the summer months, as well as a risk of a cyclone passing somewhere along the Queensland coast. This should come as no surprise to the people of Queensland and our communities should be alert, but not alarmed.

“While we are always here to help, residents can help us by cleaning their property, checking that their insurance is up to date, filling out their emergency kit, making sure they have a plan for their pets. and by downloading the SES Assistance QLD app on their mobile. telephone.

As always, QFES will approach the disaster season alongside the local government to help with the preparations for the storm season so that they can support communities during disasters.

To request assistance from SES, make a request on the SES Assistance QLD app or call 132,500.

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