Spectacular Yoga and Hiking Getaways in Sedona


Want to escape ? The city of Sedona might be the perfect place for a quick getaway. Combine the love of hiking and yoga with magical landscapes and you have the makings of an unforgettable trip. Breanna Helfert of Surya Sedona Yoga recently took a break to provide inspiration.

Isn’t video really your thing? See the transcript below for details (slightly edited for clarity). Skip to your favorite section or scroll to get the full impact of Sedona’s scenery.

Red rocks abound on the West Fork Trail. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

Why Sedona?

Breanna Helfert 00:03 – Now [February] until May is a great time to hike Arizona. And one of my favorite places is Sedona. Come on, I’ll show you. The scenery of Sedona is incredible. And with the energy of the vortex here, it only amplifies your yoga experience.

look at this place
TFW, you are surrounded by natural beauty. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

BH 00:21 – Well the first thing we need to know is when you’re going to be in Sedona. We want to know your goals. You know, what do you just want to see beautiful scenery Do you want to experience the energy of the vortex in Sedona? Do you want to have a more meditative spiritual experience?

outdoor yoga sedona
Tap into the powerful Vortex energy of Sedona while practicing yoga amidst a scenic landscape. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

BH 00:38 – Everything is adapted for each participant, depending on your goals. So I want to know your fitness level, your experience with yoga, the type of hiking you want to experience, the type of yoga practice. You can do a more vigorous vinyasa and a more rigorous hike to get a cardio workout. You can also do more like a gentle zen experience and an easy hike, and more meditative yoga.

Amitabha Stûpa
A cloudy day at Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

BH 01:09 – There is so much to do here, you know the hike is endless. Outdoor yoga is a wonderful experience. But there are a lot of other things: there are shops, art galleries and golf. So yes, I recommend a longer stay. But if you only have one day, we can certainly organize your perfect outing.

hike in sedona
Combining hiking and outdoor yoga in scenic Sedona. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

Equipment to bring

BH 01:28 – It’s very laid back here in Sedona in general. And for your outing you will want to wear a pair of hiking shoes or sneakers, sneakers are fine. Definitely recommend hat and sunglasses, bring water. For yoga outings we provide the mats, you don’t need to bring mats, but yes, probably a phone or a camera.

Boynton Canyon
A view of Boynton Canyon. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

Boynton Canyon

BH 01:51 – Boynton is really popular. It’s a famous female vortex here in Sedona. It’s an easy hike. You know, it’s pretty flat. It’s back and forth. I think it’s about seven miles round trip if you go to the end of the trail, but you can just go as far as you want and turn around. Impossible to really get lost there.

view from the west fork trail
West Fork Trail landscape. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.

West Fork Trail

BH 2:09 AM – West Fork is very, very beautiful. It’s unique here in Sedona, as it’s a different type of flora that doesn’t tend to thrive in Arizona in general. I think because he is locked in this canyon. You have all kinds of trees growing: pine, willow, maple. It’s a bit like this paradise of vegetation.

West Fork Trail Landscape
More scenes from the West Fork Trail. Wow. Photo courtesy of Surya Sedona Yoga.


BH 02:32 – We work with people who have never even done yoga. Our instructor guides are very knowledgeable about setting up a private practice and experience that will challenge both the more seasoned and accessible to newcomers as well. Well, I highly recommend that you check out our website, SuryaSedonaYoga.com. And you can also call us at 928-284-0300. We would love to hear from you.

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