Sudbury News: Playing golf to relieve Ukraine

It’s a “Day for Ukraine” in Sudbury.

Proceeds from four Sudbury golf courses and a driving range will be donated to relief efforts.

On the greens, there was a strong show of support and solidarity for the people of the war-torn country.

Wearing blue and yellow, golfer Gerry Funk stepped out to show his support for the people of Ukraine.

“I absolutely support Ukraine because they are fighting the fight of their life,” Funk said.

Sam Yawney Golf for UkraineSam Yawney is co-owner and president of Golf Sudbury. His grandparents immigrated to Canada from Ukraine in the early 1900s.

“I guess I’m a second generation Canadian, but a proud Ukrainian. And I love seeing Ukrainian dancers and singers and I always feel in my heart that I’m part Ukrainian and want to support the cause,” Yawney said.

On Sunday, proceeds from four Golf Sudbury courses and a driving range will be donated to help Ukrainians.

“I think there are strong roots here, obviously with the Yawney family and with a lot of people in this community and obviously what’s happening there affects everyone all over the world,” said Bobby Chaumont, Director of Golf Operations at Timberwolf Golf Club. . “So any little thing that we can do to help the people who are there is great.”

Gerry Funk Golf for Ukraine

On the greens, Gerry Funk said he deeply appreciates the tranquility.

“The freedom that we enjoy in this country and the unrest that’s going on there is just atrocious and there are a lot of problems there and I hope they resolve the issue very quickly,” Funk said.

Proceeds have not yet been totaled, but Golf Sudbury officials said they hope to raise between $20 and $30,000, 100% of which will go towards relief efforts for the people of Ukraine.

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