Surf Rescue Activity in the Northern Region: Christmas Day 2021

December 25th

Weekend statistics

Summary of the activity

Christmas Day brought great weather and a large number of beachgoers throughout the northern region, with a number of beaches extending patrol hours and ending later than usual to ensure a return to sea. all safety to those who enjoy the holidays.

Early assistance

With beach revelers eager to make the most of the day, lifeguards responded to a total of six assists at two beaches outside of normal patrol hours; before the patrols start this morning.

Shortly after 10:00 am, rescuers from Mangawhai Heads responded to a broken down boat in the harbor with five people on board, all wearing life jackets, and towed safely by IRB to shore.

Shortly after 10:15 a.m., rescuers in Omaha responded to a call from the Police Maritime Unit that there was a three-year-old child on an inflatable lilo drifting out to sea in Tawharanui. Rescuers were dismissed from their duties after a civilian spotted the child and brought them safely ashore by boat.

Christmas day activity

Wenderholm’s rescuers have been kept busy with a maximum strength of 1750 today, two searches and minor first aid. Both searches were resolved within five minutes of their first contact with SurfCom. The first was for a ten year old boy and the second for a two year old girl.

Karekare rescued three men swimming between the flags and helped another patient. The search and rescue team was also activated after Westpac Helicopter called for help extracting a patient near Karekare Falls. Before the SAR squad could intervene, rescuers were dismissed from duty as the Westpac crew had managed to transport the patient to a car while awaiting transfer to a road ambulance.

United North Piha searched the beach from 2 p.m. for more than 45 minutes looking for a man who was found on the south side of Lion Rock unharmed.

Summary table of statistics (December 25)

Number of people rescued 5
Number of people assisted 8
Number of major first aid 0
Number of minor first aid 5
Number of searches 4
Number of preventives 959
Number of people involved 5537
Number of peak staff 11742
Number of hours worked 683

Beach safety messages 2021-2022

Choose a supervised beach and swim between the flags

Read and understand the safety signs – seek advice from a surf lifeguard as conditions can change regularly

Do not overestimate your ability or that of your children to cope with the conditions

Always keep an eye out for very young children in or near water – always keep them close at hand

Have a friend swim with you – never swim or surf alone

Watch out for return currents, they can pull you away from the shore. If you get caught in a rip current, remember the 3Rs:

Be smart around the rocks: when fishing, never turn your back to the sea and always wear a life jacket

When in doubt, stay outside!

If you see someone in trouble, call 111 and ask for the police

Be careful with the sun – slip, slip, slap and wrap to protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

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