Texas Edward Steinkamp loses an eye while hiking in Canada

A Texas man lost his eye when he was impaled by a tree branch while hiking in Canada earlier this month, according to a report.

Edward Steinkamp, ​​67, suffered a horrific injury when he fell from a log while hiking the West Coast Trail in British Columbia’s Pacific Rim National Park on May 3. according to the Times Colonist.

The branch slammed into the aeronautical engineer’s left eye in his brain and had to be removed by emergency surgery after he was airlifted to a hospital, the Victoria newspaper said. A second operation would have been performed to drain his infection.

Steinkamp was partially blind and battling infection and swelling, according to the report.

Steinkamp’s son Bret, 28, was with him when he fell on the stick.

The accident happened when Steinkamp stepped on the log to avoid wading through the foot-and-a-half-deep mud, his son said.

“What started out as a great experience with stunning views suddenly turned tragic a few days later when Ed had a freak accident and fell,” read a fundraising site created by friend Susan Lowe.

“The costs for this will be enormous, from the airlift rescue and the doctors who treated him, to the brain surgery and necessary medications, to the ambulance rides to the eye doctor, to the CT scans, as well as to the long and indefinite time that he will spend must remain hospitalized in the special unit as well as [his wife and son] Wendy and Bret’s hotel bills.

Steinkamp is an experienced hiker, his son told the newspaper, and the fall was a “random freak accident”, he said.

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