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Modra Rijeka Rafting Camp offers the best rafting and outdoor experience on Tara River and Piva Natural Park in Montenegro. With over 20 years of experience in outdoor and adventure tourism, quality vacations and vacations in extraordinary nature are provided by the experienced staff of the camp.

As Montenegro is back on the green lists for traveling to most countries of the world, the demand for outdoor tours is very high from tour operators, agencies and individual travelers.

Rated 5 stars, Modra Rijeka guarantees the most exclusive accommodation and adrenaline tours in Montenegro on the Tara River and Piva Natural Park. Located in Scepan Polje, by the Piva river, in incredible nature, you can enjoy your active vacation.

Rafting Tara is a very popular adrenaline adventure in Montenegro. From the beginning of May to the end of October, around 20,000 tourists each year raft on the Tara River. Rafting from 45 Euros.

In addition to rafting, Modra Rijeka offers various outdoor excursions for nature lovers, from Jeep Safari on Durmitor to biking, hiking, canyoning in Nevidio and courses on Lake Piva.

A spokesperson for Modra Rijeka: “We are looking forward to providing the best whitewater rafting experience on the Tara River, as well as other outdoor excursions such as jeep safari, hiking, canyoning in the very popular Nevidio. “

About Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka

The camp is designed for recreation and enjoyment of the rugged beauty of Montenegro. Besides rafting, Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka offers a large number of adventurous circuits such as canyoning, cycling, hiking, jeep safari around Durmitor, mountain biking, cruising on Piva lake, kayaking, etc. . Accommodation at the camp in houses and bungalows built with completely natural materials, mainly wood, and allow you to completely abandon nature and fully enjoy.

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