The essential things you need for your golf adventure

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Now that summer is just around the corner, you need to think about getting into some outdoor activities to make the most of the bright, sunny days. While you can go swimming or hiking, two usual ways to spend this particular season, you can also consider playing golf.

Along with the competitive nature of golf, it’s also a great way to work up a sweat as it involves a lot of walking and swinging. However, you can’t just hit the golf course without bringing the essentials with you. With that said, here are the necessary equipment you need to prepare before heading to your golf sessions:

  1. Golf clubs

For starters, the most important thing that you need to bring with you on your golf adventure is your golf clubs. Although you can rent a set, it is still ideal to have your own golf clubs.

You can go for a cheaper option, especially when you only play occasionally. You can also ask casual and seasoned golfers for advice on the best type of golf club for your skill level.

There are sports stores that will allow you to try out their golf clubs before making your purchase, helping you determine which one is best for you.

  1. Golf gloves and shoes

While not all golfers prefer to use them, higher quality gloves can improve your grip, especially if an unexpected downpour occurs. Some gloves have special features that allow you to have a good grip on your club even if it is wet from inclement weather.

The right pair of golf shoes not only protect your feet from the elements, but also provide support and stability when you swing. In addition to providing comfort, these shoes are also a great way to showcase your personal style.

  1. Golf t-shirt

A golf tee doesn’t just serve as a ball holder. It also improves the flight of the ball, as well as the regularity of your swing. The proven golf tees are of the white wood type, which can be easily placed in your pocket.

  1. Fork

You should keep in mind that wearing a pitch fork is a responsibility when playing golf to repair pitch marks, whether or not you caused them. A footprint is a divot formed when the ball hits the ground after you hit it.

Pitch forks help preserve the root structure of the grass. They just work by inserting them into the divots and carefully pushing them back.

  1. Golf pencil and marker

Pencils are used to count scores or heights. A marker is also important for checking and monitoring your shot. If you want to improve your game, the markers can help you analyze your current skills.

  1. Golf towel

Golf towels are essential for cleaning your golf balls. While you may see professional players using white towels, the best are dark colored towels, so stain washing won’t give you much of a problem.

  1. Head cover

Headgear is essential to protect you from direct heat. A hat, visor and a pair of sunglasses are essential during your playing time to keep you comfortable even on an extremely hot day.

  1. Distance measuring device

The traditional way to measure distance while playing golf is with the naked eye. But, with the advent of technology, golfers are now taking advantage of various distance measuring devices, such as global positioning systems (GPS) or lasers, which are evolving into essential golf accessories.

  1. Skin protection

When you play golf, your skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Wearing a shirt, jacket, or sweater with UPF coverage will help protect your skin from UV rays. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, a measure of the effectiveness of clothing or fabrics against UV rays from the sun.

Additionally, it is worth bringing sunscreen and lip balm as these products can hydrate your skin, as well as counter the effects of overexposure to heat.

  1. The water

When you play golf you sweat a lot. Thus, it is important to have bottled water near you to avoid dehydration and thus fully enjoy your golfing experience.


Golf is a fun and competitive sport. To ensure a good start, you need to consider the equipment and accessories needed to play it. Remember that planning and preparation is imperative to avoid unwanted events that can affect your safety and well-being. Being able to bring all of the essentials every time you hit the golf course will help free yourself from worries and allow you to have the best golf experience.

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