Topgolf adds a new dimension to Dubai as a golf destination

Over the past three decades, Dubai has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting golf destinations in the world. With several world-class golf courses, including those designed by the sport’s most famous stars, golf enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in the emirate. As the host of major global tournaments, Dubai also offers one of the busiest golf calendars for those who are avid fans of the game. Combined with its five-star hospitality and premium dining and visual experiences, Dubai is a dream hotspot for golf enthusiasts.

However, championship golf courses aren’t the only places golf thrives in Dubai. The city offers a new golf experience that is changing the way people interact with sport and is encouraging large numbers of people to buy a club for the first time. Leading this transformation is Topgolf Dubai, a sports and entertainment venue that brings together people of all ages and skill levels to test their skills.

A place of complete entertainment with golf at its heart, Topgolf Dubai features a three-level resort located at the Emirates Golf Club and spanning over 60,000 square feet. The facility, which opened in December 2020, is Topgolf’s first site to be established in the Middle East and Asia. With a capacity of 1,100 guests, Topgolf Dubai offers interactive games that provide enjoyable experiences for everyone, whether they are experienced golfers or not.

Featuring 96 air-conditioned driving bays with over 300 state-of-the-art digital screens, Topgolf offers both amateur and experienced golfers the chance to test their driving skills on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the skyline of Dubai Marina. Customers can enjoy point-and-point golf games using microchip balls that give them instant feedback on the accuracy and distance of their shots on their driving displays. Players can choose between different games depending on their skills.

Beyond the game, Topgolf offers a unique experience that brings together the best of sport and hospitality. Home to three restaurants, a retail space, luxury VIP suites, a mini golf course and live music, Topgolf is a great place to relax with friends, family or colleagues on a friendly competition.

The venue also has several vibrant social event spaces, ideal for celebrations all year round. The Bunker Minigolf and Arcade is an immersive mini-golf experience that pays homage to a variety of sports including driving, cricket, falconry, tennis, horse racing, cycling, rugby, and soccer. The Bunker combines the activity of golf with the exceptional service of Topgolf in a relaxed and relaxed cafe setting to provide guests with a perfect day or evening with family and friends. The beating heart of Topgolf Dubai and the city’s ultimate nightlife hotspot is The Yard, a vibrant hospitality venue featuring live music, sports, delicious food and an outdoor patio. Visitors can also relax on the top floor of the Loft complex, an ideal space to entertain guests with front row seating in one of the world’s most iconic views.

The unique experience offered by Topgolf Dubai, combining golf, entertainment and dining, is part of a diverse set of attractions highlighted by the #DubaiDestinations initiative recently launched by the Dubai Media Council to showcase the exceptional events and activities on offer by the emirate.

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