Victorians can hike, golf and fish this week

A relaxation of restrictions this week for Victorians means we will be able to take part in some outdoor recreational activities in addition to our daily solo exercise.

Today Prime Minister Dan Andrews announced that Victorians could take part in outdoor activities in groups of up to ten people. This comes into effect from 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12.

Victorians will enjoy hiking, fishing, walking, golfing and more. What exactly has been determined as ‘outdoor recreational activities’ has yet to be determined, but the Prime Minister has said you can go kicking with friends – but only if you practice physical distancing while doing it.

“You can play football in the park, [but] you cannot be more than ten. You must keep your distance and there must be no contact.” The Premier also recommended washing your hands (and the ball!) before and after your kicking session.

These recreational activities should not be overnight activities, so camping is still not allowed. Airbnbs and hotels won’t be taking reservations either – think of it more as a daytime activity, not something you have to stay the night for.

Basically, the way you go about doing such activities should be guided by common sense. The Prime Minister urged: “If you doubt you should do it, don’t.” This small easing of restrictions will remain in place for the next three weeks, and that could change in June.

The Prime Minister also announced that residents of Victoria would be allowed to visit people from May 13. From 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, Victorians will be able to welcome five guests to their home. This will be the fifth reason allowed for leaving home, alongside the top four reasons (to see a doctor, to go to work, to do your daily exercise, or to go buy groceries).

Andrews insisted that ‘you should always stay home unless you are going out for one of these five reasons’. Learn more here.

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