What is your favorite summer outdoor activity and why? – Baltimore Sun

“My favorite summer outdoor activity is going to the beach! It tells such a story and the water has a way of speaking to my soul. Water is so peaceful and yet so complex, much like my life. The joy and laughter of children playing without caring about the world. The waves speak of the ups and downs of life. Silence speaks of calm. The ocean reminds me of eternity, without end.

“My favorite outdoor summer activity would have to be going to parks and trails and cooking with my family and friends. It is extremely important to connect with nature. When I visit these parks and trails, I look to see where we have failed and where we can improve the quality of our communities. Everything that connects me to the ground and to the land in which I live, I will do.

“Being on the water is my favorite outdoor summer activity. I love being out on the bay and the coves, anchoring the boat so I can snorkel and swim in the water. Access to water is important to me because black people have a history there. As a black man, I know it’s important that we are seen having fun in the water, fishing, crabbing and swimming. I always take my family and friends out on the water in the summer.

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